What is Material UI Kit?
Material UI Kit is an open source design system based on the Material Design created by Google. One of the main goals that guided us during its creation was a full reflection of the components contained in the Material UI library, used by web developers. Thanks to this projection, a designer using this UI kit can not only design an application in accordance with Material Design standards faster, but also be sure that developers will be able to quickly transform created mockups into a fully functional application.

What are the benefits of using Material UI Kit?

1. A true timesaver

If you come across a design where you would like to use Material Design, then designing all styles and components can take weeks. In the UI Kit case, we provide you with a base containing all the components specified under MD (and many additional ones under Material UI). Thanks to this, instead of reinventing the wheel, you can immediately go to designing views.

2. Smooth cooperation between design and development

The components and a theme created within the UI Kit are identical to the components that web developers will use. This gives you the guarantee that each of the mockups you design can be easily and quickly coded with full similarity. In addition, the colors, shadows and typography that you have at your disposal are also those that developers will be able to modify with the greatest ease.

3. Quick changes

The goal of Material UI is to provide developers with components that can be easily modified to suit the needs of the project. We want the UI Kit to have such a feature as well.
Therefore, we strove to make the best use of such Figma functionalities as local styles, auto-layout, and the ability to change component instances. So that any change you want to make can be implemented quickly and be reflected in all the components it deals with.

4. Examples and inspirations

We are currently at the stage of developing Frames and Screens pages. We want you to find many examples of complex components and whole pages that you can directly use in the project you create.