What is the difference between Material Design and Material UI?

Material Design is a graphic style created by Google. It describes a specific approach to application design, including issues such as: arrangement of elements, availability, typography, colors, and interactions. Material Design guidelines are publicly available at, so anyone can easily implement its assumptions in their projects.
Material UI is a library used by programmers to create web applications. It is based on the standards described in Material Design and currently contains over 120 components that developers can use in their applications. The library code is publicly available and its documentation can be found at

Why do some styles and components deviate from the official Material Design guidelines?

All styles and components were modeled on the Material UI library. Thanks to this, as a designer, you can be sure that the mockups created on their basis can be translated into the code in an identical form and with little time. The library on which we modeled implements the principles described by Google in the Material Design documentation, but in some cases uses other dimensions.
Last modified 1yr ago