🖼️ Frames - from Material UI Docs to Figma
We have already mentioned in the documentation that the main goal of our UI Kit is to enable interfaces’ design. It will help web developers to translate them easily into code using the Material UI library. Is it possible to reconstruct each variant of the component that appears in the developer documentation using the components from Material UI Kit? Section "Frames" will help you to check it out.
Section "Frames" will contain all components’ variants that are presented in the Material UI documentation. For complete cohesion, the headers above each element are identical to the headers in the documentation.
This section consists of the frames. We did not create a new component in it. The aim of the presented examples is only to present various possibilities of using components from the page "Components". However, if any of the examples seem useful to your project, feel free to transform selected frames into components.
Last modified 1yr ago
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